Peter Dinklage's Super Bowl ad was LIT with spoiler speculation.

As you know, the "Game of Thrones" star promoted Doritos Blaze in an amazing rap battle commercial with Morgan Freeman. The ad's "fire" and "ice" played well with GoT themes -- maybe too well.


The commercial showed Dinklage with fire on his shoulder, and also breathing a bit of fire like a dragon. To some fans, that played into the theory that Tyrion Lannister is secretly a Targaryen -- Daenerys Targaryen's half-brother through the Mad King and Joanna Lannister. This theory may or may not ever come true in the novels or the HBO series, but the commercial fed speculation.

HuffPost asked Dinklage about the speculation, and he gave a pure "bless your heart" response:

"I love every single theory the fans of our show have, because they're so much fun. They get to show the dedication and love they have for the show, but you have to understand that it is a Doritos commercial.

It's not 'Game of Thrones. So [fans] are sort of stretching the limit with that theory when you're branching out to Frito-Lay commercials. But I say that with all love and respect. Please, I love them. I love the fan theories that they have until the show is finally over."

It was definitely a stretch to think that a Doritos ad would get to spoil a "Game of Thrones" lineage twist. Then again, it was also a stretch to think Dinklage would say anything else. The Tyrion theory could still be true, but it's not like he could ever say "Yep, you got it."

There are only six episodes left to the entire series. The GoT Season 8 scripts are done, and the episodes are being filmed now for their debut in 2019 on HBO. The truth is out there, at least for Dinklage's TV version of Tyrion. We may have to wait longer to see what author George R.R. Martin has planned.

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