The forecast just keeps getting brighter for upcoming Marvel flick "Black Panther," with new box office tracking suggesting an even bigger opening weekend than expected for the hotly anticipated film.

Top Hollywood tracking service NRG has released an updated estimate for "Black Panther"'s opening frame, with the movie now expected to pull in north of $165 million throughout the four-day President's Day holiday weekend. That's much higher than NRG's previous estimate, which sat around $120 million -- which is certainly not a number to sneeze at, either.

But the buzz surrounding "Black Panther" -- not to mention its killer soundtrack -- is absolutely deafening. Fan anticipation is insanely high (as evidenced by those record-breaking advance ticket sales), and reviews from critics have been positively glowing (words like "epic" and "iconic" have been thrown around, and many have said that the film is a game-changer not just for superhero flicks, but movies in general). So it wouldn't be shocking to see even that $165 million number wind up on the low end of receipts when the weekend is over.

It won't be long before we find out for sure: "Black Panther" opens this Friday, February 16.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]