But Jen. Tell us how you REALLY feel.

Jennifer Lawrence was blessed with great beauty and talent -- and zero filter. We love her that way. She is currently promoting her new movie "Red Sparrow," and took the semi-rare step of posting an official response on her Facebook page to the "controversy" over her choice of dress for the London photo call.

Apparently it was really cold outside, and several article writers and social media commenters couldn't help but notice that JLaw was wearing very little while her male costars were covered up for winter weather.

Some outlets took it pretty far, writing headlines like "This 'Red Sparrow' Cast Photo Says So Much About Women In Hollywood" and "Why Jennifer Lawrence's Dress Shows Sexism in Hollywood Persists Despite #TimesUp."

Well, JLaw was not having it. She made it clear that it was her CHOICE to wear that in the cold:

Can't say we'd make the same cold-weather clothing choice, but it's all about making your own choices. Then again, no one is offering us Versace gowns to wear, and if they did, we couldn't make them look that good. Because when it comes to choices, we choose junk food over the gym. THATS MY CHOICE TOO!

Jennifer Lawrence plays a sexy ballerina turned spy in "Red Sparrow," which opens in theaters March 2.

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