U.S. ice dancer Alex Shibutani returned home from the Olympics with two bronze medals, but a lot of people just want to know which famous person he finds attractive.

The Olympian posted a funny tweet Monday that both jokes about and subtly mocks how interviewers keep asking him to reveal his celebrity crush. Apparently, they've all asked and he is a little miffed because he feels like he has more interesting things to talk about. On top of that, he doesn't have an answer.

"I need a celebrity crush because for some reason, that's the one thing every interviewer wants to know about even though I just got back from the Olympics," Shibutani wrote. "Open to your suggestions."

Shibutani gained widespread international attention in PyeongChang, where he and his sister, Maia Shibutani, competed together in ice dance. They won their first bronze medal in the team figure skating event on Feb. 11, and then earned their second days later during the individual ice dance competition. In doing so, they became the first ice dancers of Asian descent to ever win an Olympic medal.

The Shibutanis pulled off some impressive feats during the Olympics that are very worth of being discussed, but the celebrity crush questions have been coming nonetheless. Alex may have staunched them with his tweet, but if not, at least his fans have been more than willing to help him come up with some solid answers.