It's a match made in horror movie heaven! Bill Skarsgard, the evil clown from "It," and Maika Monroe from "It Follows" will star in the thriller "Villains."

According to Variety, "Villains" is about a pair of amateur criminals who stumble on a dark secret after breaking into a suburban home. They have to escape from two sadistic homeowners will do anything to keep their secret from getting out, which makes this sound a lot like "Don't Breathe."

We assume that the two young leads will be the amateur criminals, but after Pennywise, playing a "sadistic homeowner" would be a cakewalk.

Monroe stars in the upcoming "Hot Summer Nights" with Timothée Chalamet and "The Widow" with Chloe Grace Moretz and Isabelle Huppert.

Dan Berk and Robert Olsen will direct. They previously wrote, produced and directed the similar-sounding "Body," in which three co-eds break into a secluded mansion on Christmas Eve.

[Via Variety]