David TennantDavid Tennant has just signed on to play the "obedient" husband to Jennifer Garner's "controlling" wife in the upcoming Lena Dunham HBO series "Camping."

HBO announced the casting of the former "Doctor Who" star today. Tennant will play Walt, a loving father who's nursing a "subtle but growing discontent," according to Variety.

Garner was previously cast as Kathryn in the eight-episode series, who is, as her character description goes, "far less cheerful than her Lululemons imply."

Instead of following 20-something New Yorkers, the half-hour comedy will focus on uptight 40-something Angelenos. Everything goes awry -- including woman on woman" crime -- when a group of friends go on a camping holiday to celebrate Walt's 45th birthday.

The HBO series is a remake of the 2016 British comedy of the same name, which was created by actress-director Julia Davis.

Tennant also stars in the upcoming fantasy series "Good Omens."

[Via Variety]