It's been almost four years since Sandra Oh left "Grey's Anatomy," but fans still haven't been able to let go of Dr. Cristina Yang. Unfortunately for viewers, though, Oh says she has no plans to return to the series any time soon.

The actress spoke about a potential "Grey's" appearance in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where she was promoting her new series, "Killing Eve." Speaking about "Eve," Oh said she's "so committed to this character and this show" that she hasn't really given a thought to going back to Grey Sloan Memorial -- and isn't really sure she would at this stage in her career.

"I will say it's hard to beat that ending, because what I also realize is that it keeps it open in so many ways where you can continue on having that relationship with Cristina," Oh said of her "Grey's" storyline, and whether she would return to wrap it up one day in the show's future series finale.

She continued:

"I'm not sure. I guess I can't really answer it either way where I'm sitting right now, because I'm so committed to Eve. The idea of stepping back into the Cristina shoes, it doesn't feel right to me right now. But honestly, who knows how long 'Grey's' is gonna go?"

That echoes previous comments Oh made about a theoretical "Grey's" return, with the answer hinging on the timing and the script. So, there's still some hope, diehard Dr. Yang fans. Just don't hold your breaths, either.

In the meantime, you can get your fix of the actress on her twisty-looking new series, "Killing Eve," which is set to premiere next month.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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