Screen Junkies found an unusual target for its latest Honest Trailers video: fans.

The new video takes on "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," and while it pokes fun at its source material like always, it also ribs the franchise's very large and very divided fan base. Everything starts out normally, but then the narrator is interrupted by the original Honest Trailer voice, who has a very different opinion. The two disagree constantly, mirroring actual Star Wars fans.

Their assessment becomes complicated, to say the least. While the current voice calls the film "a refreshing update to a predictable formula," the old voice adds that it "spits in the face of everything you once loved." To the former, it's exhilarating, yet the latter finds it insulting.

The two voices banter back and forth throughout the video, but by the end, they find some common ground. It turns out both camps had the same favorite parts and least favorite parts, and they're equally disinterested in "Solo." What a lesson in coming together.

Watch the funny take on "The Last Jedi" below.