Um, Alex? That's not your son, is it?

"Syph Nurse" "Grey's Anatomy" in Season 14, Episode 21, airing April 26.

Actress Sarah Utterback was in 18 episodes of "Grey's" from Season 1 through Season 6, until Nurse Olivia was fired to reduce staff before the merger with Mercy West.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news that Olivia was returning, and shared the first photos of her in Grey Sloan. Apparently she's there with her son. (!)

GREY'S ANATOMY - "Judgement Day" (ABC/Byron Cohen) CAMILLA LUDDINGTON, JAKE BORELLI, SARAH UTTERBACKGREY'S ANATOMY - "Judgement Day" (ABC/Byron Cohen) CAMILLA LUDDINGTON, SARAH UTTERBACKThe son angle is interesting, since Olivia was known for with Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and contracting syphilis from him, during an outbreak. She then passed that syphilis on to George (T.R. Knight) when she slept with him. She slept with Alex again after that -- while he was dating Izzie.

So, as EW noted, Olivia's April 26 return to the hospital with her son "will throw both Alex and Jo (Camilla Luddington) for a loop." Yeah, you'd imagine.

Since Jolex just got engaged, it's most likely this is just a fake-out and Olivia's son is not Alex'son. Maybe it'll give him more baby fever, though, leading to a Jolex baby storyline by the end of the season? (Remember when fans thought Jo would be pregnant last year because Camilla Luddington was pregnant? Good times.)

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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