If it had been up to Malin Akerman, she would have gotten married in the wedding gown she wore in "27 Dresses."

The actress was engaged while she was filming the 2008 romantic comedy and a wedding disaster struck. Akerman told the story during a recent episode of PeopleTV's "Couch Surfing," a show that has actors watch and react to their work. When "27 Dresses" came up, Akerman revealed her own wedding woes.

As she explained, she'd ordered a custom gown, only to find out that it didn't fit. With just two days to work with, she was lucky enough to be "sent ... into New York to get a dress," she said. Akerman actually hoped she could just wear the dress that had been selected for her character, Tess, but that unfortunately didn't work. Still, she did end up with "a good one."

"I literally just picked one that fit, and then I was off to my wedding," she said.

Akerman recounted other surprising stories from her career during "Couch Surfing," as well, including the time she accidentally hurt a "Watchman" stuntman during a fight sequence, how she was "crying with laughter" while acting opposite Paul Rudd, what makes "Rampage" so good, and more.

It sounds like there are tons of stories between every scene, and even every outfit.

[via: PeopleTV; h/t: EW]