Your favorite snarky, moody, and hard-drinking heroine is coming back.

Netflix has officially renewed "Jessica Jones" for Season 3. The Marvel series will continue following the adventures of the titular private eye-slash-superhero. Krysten Ritter will, of course, reprise her starring role. That means we'll get to see her return to saving the day with biting wit and equally dangerous special abilities.

Ritter celebrated the news on Twitter Thursday, raising an emoji glass and writing, "Here's to season 3!"

The actress then moved over to Instagram, where she shared a photo of herself on set and celebrated some more.

"Cat[']s out of the bag!" she wrote. "Excited to finally be able to share that we are making another season of my favorite thing with my favorite people."

The big news unfortunately didn't come with any timeline for the show's release, but we'll look forward to watching "Jessica Jones" Season 3, whenever that may be.