"Roseanne" had fans in tears on Tuesday night, and it wasn't because they were laughing so hard.

The episode brought back two more actors from the original series, Johnny Galecki as David and Estelle Parsons as Bev. While Bev's return was largely comical, David's was much more complicated and had fans feeling, well, pretty much all the feels.

With Galecki tied up with "The Big Bang Theory" for at least one more season, he wasn't available to be a regular in the current season of the "Roseanne" revival. He did want to be involved, though, and the writers found a way to make it happen. Unfortunately for fans, saying hello to him again meant saying goodbye again, too.

"Roseanne" Season 10, Episode 5 spoilers ahead!

Tuesday's episode marked the birthday of Harris (Emma Kenney), Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and David's daughter. That made it the perfect occasion for the absent character to return. David showed up at the Conner family's door, thrilling fans who felt the show just wasn't complete without him. However, after having taken off to do humanitarian work, he wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms; David had to answer for what he did to Darlene and his family.

The long-time loves did temporary reunite, but, of course, it couldn't be that easy. Their renewed relationship quickly ended after her family reminded her of how complicated the relationship had been. She decided it was better for her kids if they didn't get back together, crushing the hopes of many fans. However, David announced plans to move back regardless, thus reigniting those very same dashed hopes.

It was a lot to deal with, and fans needed an outlet. Their range of reactions were all over Twitter, with some fans celebrating the reunion.

Meanwhile, others were sad to see Darlene's break it off with her estranged husband, and some couldn't get over the fact that he had taken off in the first place.

Dismayed as many were, plenty are still hopeful that he'll return in the future.

It definitely does seem like there could be room for Galecki to reprise his role in a larger capacity at some point, and with "Roseanne" as popular as it is right now, maybe the sitcom will still be going whenever "The Big Bang Theory" ends.

"Roseanne" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.