Bow down, casual Harry Potter fans: Whoopi Goldberg is a true Potterhead.

"The View" host attended the Broadway opening of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" on Sunday, and she came clad in the most fitting outfit ever. Instead of getting dressed to the nines, she showed up wearing Gryffindor robes. The comedian looked as if she were headed to class at Hogwarts, proving she is nothing if not a devoted fan.

In case it wasn't clear based on her perfect sartorial choice, Goldberg was thrilled to have a chance to watch the play. She tweeted about the show afterward and described it as "off the hook." Her advice to her followers was to "see it."

For those who do, you can draw inspiration from her Harry Potter-inspired look. Behold:

All she is missing is tape on her glasses and a wand.

"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," a stage sequel to J.K. Rowling's beloved book series, officially premiered in London in July 2016 and has now finally made it to Broadway. The play is showing at the Lyric Theatre, so experience the magic if you can.

[h/t: EW]