It's always fun to revisit a wonderful movie moment, and William Shatner helped "Miss Congeniality" fans do that on April 25, otherwise known as Miss Rhode Island's "perfect date."

Shatner starred in the 2000 comedy as Stan Fields, the emcee of the Miss United States beauty pageant. As part of his role, he got to share the stage with Heather Burns when her character, Cheryl Frasier, memorably misunderstood one of Fields's questions. When he asked her to describe her "perfect date," Rhode Island didn't mention candlelit dinners or long walks on the beach; instead, she talked about April 25 and how it's "not too hot, not too cold," and "all you need is a light jacket."

Now, 18 years later, neither Shatner nor fans have forgotten that moment. He and the dating service Match have capitalized on this nostalgia by teaming up on a giveaway inspired by the scene. The actor posted a video Tuesday celebrating the honorary holiday and encouraging people to answer "that same iconic question," as he put it -- only nothing calendar-related this time.

The actor then shared another video on April 25 itself, telling viewers that he's been enjoying their submissions and wants to see more. He even read some of her favorites so far, which include a date with Shatner himself and a glass of champagne. As the actor said, his wife probably won't approve.

This date is going well for Shatner so far, and we bet it will be even better for the eventual winner of the $500 giveaway.

[via: William Shatner/Instagram; h/t: EW]