Scarlet Witch is a very powerful member of the team going into "Avengers: Infinity War." That said, actress Elizabeth Olsen wishes she had a less revealing costume.

It could definitely be more revealing -- especially if they copied the Marvel comic even more closely -- but it could also be a touch less "Fifty Shades of Hot Topic." It's not the most practical thing to wear into battle.

So she'd like an update. Emphasis on UP.

Elle asked Olsen about changes she'd make to Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff's costume; here's what she said:

"It would just not be a cleavage corset. I like corsets, but I'd like it to be higher. Everyone has these things that cover them—Tessa Thompson [as Valkyrie] does, Scarlett [Johansson, as Black Widow] does. I would like to cover up a bit. It's funny because sometimes I look around and I'm just like -- 'Wow, I'm the only one who has cleavage.' And that's a constant joke because they haven't really evolved my superhero costume that much.

But then you look at where it started in the comic books and it was a leotard and a headband so...oh, it's horrible, it's so horrible. So at least they know that's not cool. But then they made Wonder Woman, you know? And that's what she's in. I think of the costumes and what we have to wear—it's more about iconic images, because that's what these movies are.... I think that's the goal with the costumes, and it's not representing the average woman."

Yeah, the iconic image part is true for both the female and male superheroes. No average person is being represented -- unless you count Darryl and Peter.

It's not clear if Scarlet Witch will get a chance to update her costume. You'll have to watch "Infinity War" for hints, then see what happens in "Avengers 4," since that's The Big One.

Speaking of "Wonder Woman," though, when she was first cast, Gal Gadot took a lot of crap from purists who argued that she wasn't busty enough to play the DC character. But she proved herself more than worthy of the material and the costume.

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