"Controversial" should be the fourth word in Lars von Trier's name. He was trolling viewers long before trolling was even a term.

The Danish filmmaker is an artist and professional provocateur, known for "Dogville," "Antichrist," "Breaking the Waves," "Europa," "Melancholia," "Nymphomaniac," and various outraged headlines.

He and the Cannes Film Festival both got what they wanted again with his new film, "The House That Jack Built," which earned both walkouts and a six-minute standing ovation. (Meanwhile, "Solo: A Star Wars Story" got what was described as a "tepid' reaction from the Cannes crowd.)

Von Trier both wrote and directed "The House That Jack Built," which stars Matt Dillon as serial killer Jack, who sees his murders as elaborate works of art.

The film reportedly prompted groans from the Cannes audience, and more than 100 walkouts. Why?


Scenes are said to be very graphic, with Jack mutilating and strangling his victims, who are mostly women. But let's be honest -- that's basically a yawn to most audiences. And it's vintage Lars von Trier. No, the scene that seemed to prompt the most walkouts was when Jack used a hunting rifle to blow the heads off two small children.

Many (but not all) viewers tweeted harsh reactions, which only served to make others more curious to see the movie, the way fans are always drawn to anything "controversial" and macabre:

Really. This just makes so many people want to see it -- and they'll probably be expecting even more violence, so they'll just shrug it off. Desensitization in action. Here's the trailer for you:The movie costars Uma Thurman and Riley Keough and it's expected in select U.S. theaters this fall.

[Via: THR, Variety]

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