He's out of his element!

The Dude has been abiding for 20 years now. Queer Eye" reboot.

The result: "Queer Eye for Lebowski." It's perfect. But that's just, like, our opinion, man.

Here's the mashup:They also cleverly added some "Fearless" scenes of Jeff Bridges looking less Dude-ish, along with Isabella Rossellini. That's another awesome Jeff Bridges movie.

Keep celebrating 20 years of The Dude (and Walter, and Donny, and Jesus) by checking out a bunch of "Big Lebowski" trivia. Here's a pretty relevant tidbit: "The majority of The Dude's outfits were supplied by Jeff Bridges himself. He even reused a shirt he previously wore in 1991's 'The Fisher King.'" Still another awesome Jeff Bridges movie. The man wins.

As for The Fab 5, Netflix will bring them back for "Queer Eye" Season 2, but no official premiere date has been released yet.

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