A few days before the start of Becca Kufrin's "journey" on ABC's "The Bachelorette" Season 14, her rumored fiancé has been revealed.

This time, it was not spoiler guru Reality Steve who spilled the beans. Not completely, anyway.

It started with someone sharing some photos with TMZ, showing Becca in final rose ceremony mode with her Chosen One.

Here's part of TMZ's report, and you can head to the site to see the photos:

"Becca can clearly be seen kissing a man in a suit at the Shangri-La's Resort in the Maldives -- possibly her new fiance -- while filming at the location on May 10. We're told there was a big cheer, hugging and group photos taken after what appeared to be a proposal.

Our sources also say the crew held a party for the couple the next day at the resort."

According to Reality Steve, the guy in the photos is Garrett Yrigoyen. He was apparently a frontrunner from the first episode -- which airs this Monday, May 28 -- even getting Becca's first impression rose.

Here's part of Steve's report:

"If you haven't seen the news by now, TMZ posted pictures from Becca's final rose ceremony in the Maldives this morning which clearly shows Becca is engaged to Garrett. Pretty clear. No smoke and mirrors here. Only on Ben and Courtney's season had pics of the final rose ceremony ever surfaced before the finale. Although Ben and Courtney in Switzerland didn't come out until right before the finale aired though, so props to TMZ for getting this out early.

[...] Am I surprised at Garrett? No. Told you in week 4 he was the front runner. Told you he was in the final 2 with Blake. Told you the first episode you can make a strong case that for the 4th season in a row the first impression rose guy/first kiss guy was your winner since on Monday, you'll see how clear it was she was into him. Told you last week I heard he won and that I heard that Blake won. Just needed to figure out which info was wrong. Now I know."

Here's ABC's official photo and bio for Garrett:



Medical Sales Rep

Reno, NV

bachelor biography

Raised in a small town in Central California, Garrett is a true outdoorsman who loves fly fishing, hiking and snowshoeing. When he's not on an outdoor adventure, he's perfecting his Chris Farley impression. He's excited to find love with the Bachelorette...down by the river!

Here's more from Steve:

Garrett Yrigoyen: 29, Reno, Nevada. Currently a Surgical Technology consultant. Former baseball player at the University of Nevada. I'm assuming this is the same guy since he doesn't have the most common name in the world, but looks like he was engaged to be married back in 2015. I mean, same city, same name. Sure looks that way. Anyway, he got the first impression rose and the last 3 Bachelorettes (Kaitlyn, JoJo, and Rachel) all ended up choosing their first impression recipient in the end, so make of that what you will.

Apparently Blake Horstmann will be the runner-up. Here's his ABC bio.

Becca confirmed that she did get engaged on the show, calling it "the happiest moment of my life." She's fresh off Arie Luyendyk, Jr.'s season of "The Bachelor," which she "won." They got engaged, then Arie dumped her for his runner-up, Lauren. Arie and Lauren recently revealed their wedding plans. (Do you think he'll stalk her down the aisle, then chase her through the reception as she begs him to just leave?)

"The Bachelorette" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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