The "House of Cards" cast and crew have been through a lot in the past year, but they finished the series together. Minus Kevin Spacey, anyway.

In late 2017, Netflix announced that Season 6 would be the final season. After the sexual misconduct allegations against Spacey (Frank Underwood) kept pouring out, Netflix said an eight-episode season would start production in early 2018, without Spacey.

Robin Wright's Claire Underwood was already ready for her spotlight -- "My turn" -- and she will take the lead of the relatively short final season.

Wright posted that filming for Season 6 finished last week. She thanked the cast and crew, calling them "family":

After the initial allegations against Kevin Spacey came out, eight "House of Cards" staffers stepped forward with their own stories of his inappropriate behavior. MRC -- the company that produces "House of Cards" -- then told CNN they had set up "an anonymous complaint hotline, crisis counselors, and sexual harassment legal advisors for the crew." At the time, MRC said they were "deeply troubled" by the allegations; they were, however, aware of one previous incident that occurred in 2012, but that was "resolved promptly to the satisfaction of all involved."

A very brief first teaser for the final season of "House of Cards" came out in March:We're waiting on a full trailer and release date, beyond "this fall" on Netflix.

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