A celebrity endorsement is rarely a bad thing, and Shailene Woodley recently got three of them.

Multiple members of the "Big Little Lies" cast turned out to support their co-star during the opening weekend of "Adrift," her latest film. Not only did they pay for movie tickets, they encouraged the people of Instagram to go see it, as well. The group consisted of Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Kravitz, and Laura Dern, and they posed with Woodley outside the theater, tickets in hand. Afterward, each posted the photo via Instagram and shared glowing reviews.

The women couldn't say enough good things. Witherspoon wrote Woodley is "Shailene is outstanding in a rare performance of woman vs. nature that is not to be missed," while Dern also highlighted "the amazing Shai." Meanwhile, Kravitz called the film "an inspiring, badass, beautiful, CRAZY and TRUE story about the power of the human spirit."

As for Woodley herself, she was incredibly touched by the support. She posted the same photo, along with a message that showed how much she appreciated her "Big Little Lies" co-stars' presence.

"WHAT TRUE SUPPORT AND SISTERHOOD LOOKS LIKE," she wrote. "i [sic] feel so shown up for."

"Adrift" is now playing.

[via: Instagram; h/t: EW]