It sounds like Peter Jackson picked ... neither!

There was a rumor last month that Jackson was deciding between joining Amazon's "Lord of the Rings" series or entering the DC Universe.

Jackson directed the popular "Lord of the Rings" movies, and then "The Hobbit" films. Amazon's series is reportedly allowed to use footage from those movies, and Jackson was invited to come aboard as an executive producer. But it was said to be up to him how much involvement he'd want.

Based on new reports, he doesn't want much.

That said, Jackson has made some comments this week to various foreign outlets and -- as is often the case -- it's possible some things got lost in the translation back to English.

First, Jackson talked to the French outlet AlloCiné while promoting "Mortal Engines." He was asked about his involvement in the Amazon series; here's the translation of what he said:

"I'm not involved at all with the Lord of the Rings series, I understand my name [could come up], but nothing is happening with me on this project."

He was also asked about the rumor that he might join the DC world for a film:

"It's not true, I have not had any discussions about it, I'm not a fan of comics, I've never read it, and so it's not me. I'm not particularly interested in adapting one to the cinema, it's not true at all. ... A DC film and the series Lord of the Rings, it's done without me, but I'm happy. I have plenty of other projects that take up my time!" [laughter]

So that's the translation from French. Let's travel east a bit and translate what he said to the German IGN website:

"I had a phone conversation with Amazon on that one - I think that was over a year ago and it sounded like they were doing the right thing [with the show], they have very good intentions with it it all sounds very fascinating and exciting.

However, I would not want to be the one responsible for the entire TV series, simply because I've never been responsible for a [long-term] series like this before in my life. So it would not be very smart if I took on the role of showrunner.

What I'm actually doing right now is putting the creative team [behind the series] together."

Digital Spy contacted Jackson's reps for clarification; the reps told the outlet that Jackson is not involved in Amazon's project at this time.

At this time.

It's possible by saying he's putting the creative team together behind-the-scenes he means his team from the LOTR/Hobbits films are helping to pull together whatever sets and wardrobe, etc., might want to be brought back for this Amazon series. His films already established a foundation, and since they are tied to this series through the Tolkien rights and through possible use of past film footage, it makes sense to at least bring back some of the same crew.

The first season of the Amazon series is rumored to follow young Aragorn, but nothing official has been announced yet. About anything.

Anyway, Jackson is now out promoting "Mortal Engines," which opens in theaters this December. If he's saying no to LOTR and DC, maybe he'll say yes to that "Tintin" movie for Steven Spielberg.

[Via: IndieWire]

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