Neil Patrick Harris served up a mea culpa on his Twitter today to Rachel Bloom for dissing her during the Tony Awards broadcast on Sunday.

Harris tweeted his confusion over the identity of the show's backstage host, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" star Bloom, and his son's critique of her dialogue. Bloom then responded that she had met Harris, a former Tony host and musical theater mainstay, several times and that her husband had even written an episode of "How I Met Your Mother":

And in a recent GQ interview, Bloom admitted she was "kind of devastated" by Harris' tweet, especially since they run in similar musical theater circles. Now, Harris has finally apologized:

Bloom instantly replied, "Hi, thank you for this! Apology accepted."

Even if Harris didn't do what she suggested in the GQ interview: Promote her show.

"He could check out an episode of the musical TV show 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' — which is, right now, the only musical show on television. And tell his 27 million Twitter followers to check it out," she said. "I wouldn't hate that!"