"Lucifer" star Tom Ellis was so happy about the Netflix pickup, he rocked some devil horns and wrote a song for you.

"Lucifer" lives, and the cast and crew know it's all because of the Lucifans. Fox canceled "Lucifer" after three seasons, and the huge fan outcry at #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer eventually bore fruit. The deadline to pick up the show was said to be June 16, and on June 15 the happy news came out that Netflix had decided to save the series for Season 3.

Well, Lucifans were ecstatic, but the cast and writers/producers were even more grateful -- to both Netflix and to the viewers who pushed to keep the show alive.

According to TVLine, Netflix ordered 10 episodes for "Lucifer" Season 4, with production expected to start around August. It's not clear yet when Netflix will air it. But it's certainly great news for fans of the show, and for any show that gets canceled. Just speak UP!

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