As "Breaking Bad" celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, the cast and crew have been reminiscing about the acclaimed series, which produced its fair share of iconic quotes throughout its run. Bryan Cranston, who played chemistry teacher-turned-meth kingpin Walter White, was responsible for the majority of the show's memorable one-liners, but according to the actor, his favorite is probably not one that fans would immediately guess.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cranston revealed the phrase that tops his personal best-of list: "Tread lightly."

It pops up in the final season, as Hank (Dean Norris), Walt's DEA agent brother-in-law, begins to piece together that Walt is the notorious drug lord Heisenberg. As a bewildered Hank confronts Walt, Hank says, "I don’t know who you are… I don’t even know who I’m talking to." Walt, remaining calm, cool, and collected, replies, "If that’s true, if you don’t know who I am… then… maybe your best course would be to tread lightly."

According to the star, it's the context of the quote within the character's entire existence that is the key to its power.  As Cranston explained to EW, the two-word line is Walt's "credo," since "he was very careful almost all the time."

"When he didn’t follow that motto is when he failed, like shooting Mike [Jonathan Banks]," the actor continued. " ... And the brazen hubris of telling Jesse, ‘I watched Jane die.’ It was unnecessary cruelty and emotional vomiting from his point. When he didn’t follow that credo is when he found himself in the most troubling condition."

It makes total sense that that phrase would resonate with both Walt and Cranston alike. It may not have the same obvious punch as "I am the one who knocks," but it's equally as chilling.

Of course, our all-time favorite quote from the series is a Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) classic: "Yeah, bitch! Magnets!" Sorry, Walt, but you just can't top that brilliance.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]