Bleecker Street

The hand that holds the pen writes history, as someone muses in the trailer for "Colette." And Keira Knightley wants to make damn well sure that everyone knows she's the one holding it.

Knightley stars as the titular woman who marries successful writer Willy (Dominic West). He persuades her to ghostwrite a book for it, but the semi-autobiographical novel's resulting smash success changes the dynamics of their relationship. And Colette begins to challenge their roles, her sexuality, and societal constraints.

“You molded me to your own desires. And you thought that I could never break free.," Colette defiantly tells Willy. "Well, you’re wrong.”

The long-in-the-works project comes from screenwriter Richard Glazer and director Walsh Westmoreland and is well-timed in the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp. Knightley recently told Variety, "The fact that the movie is coming out right now isn’t a surprise."

"Colette" opens in theaters September 21.