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The Beast was first. Now it's time for Bruce Willis' David Dunn to take the spotlight.

"Glass" has been sharing character profile teases in advance of Friday's official trailer.

Yesterday, James McAvoy's "Split" personalities were shown in a Beast-centric teaser. Today, we get to see David Dunn's "Unbreakable" past:

Tomorrow, there's a very good chance Samuel L. Jackson's Elijah Price/Mr. Glass will get the final teaser before we see the full trailer. He does have top billing right there in the "Glass" movie title, so Kevin Wendell Crumb and David Dunn are basically his opening acts.

The first "Glass" photos and poster were revealed last week, showing the three main characters in therapy with a new psychiatrist played by Sarah Paulson.


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It's still not clear why David Dunn is in therapy -- and chained, unlike the other two -- when he's meant to be our hero. Guess that's why we have to watch the movie to find out.

M. Night Shyamalan's "Glass" will open in theaters January 18, 2019. Check out the official synopsis for more plot details. The cast and director are heading to San Diego Comic-Con this week, with the big trailer debut on Friday, July 20.

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