Bad Robot

The Nazis were bad enough. What if you came across Nazi zombies?!

That's the premise of the trailer for "Overlord," a new movie from Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams' production company. Abrams himself calls this horror flick "bats--- crazy," so buckle your seatbelts.

The movie follows a group of American paratroopers who are shot out of the sky the night before D-Day and parachute to what seems to be a safe house. Except it isn't safe — it's the site of gruesome Nazi science experiments to create the ultimate super soldier.

If you're the squeamish sort, you may want to watch some of the trailer behind your fingers because things get pretty gross (like one guy with half his face torn off).

This is NOT a long-awaited "Cloverfield" sequel, as Abrams insisted to Entertainment Weekly, but it still looks scary AF.

"Overlook" opens in theaters November 9.