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Love it or hate it, the laugh track has been an integral part of sitcoms since their beginning. But what if you could replace that familiar canned laughter with something better?

That was exactly the thinking of one Twitter user, who took it upon himself to swap out the laugh track in one "Friends" scene with the stonerific guffaws of comedy star Seth Rogen. The results are pretty hilarious.

Rogen is known for his signature laugh, which anyone who's seen him give an interview should easily recognize. There's just something so pure and uninhibited about it, and we can totally picture ourselves sitting on the couch next to him while he chuckles at the quips dished out by Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, and Joey at Central Perk.

Of course, Rogen would probably also be helping himself to some, uh, herbal enhancement throughout the viewing party. Depending on how amenable you are to joining him, it could be a pretty awesome time. We'd like to think the comedian would be down to discuss some of those crazy theories floating around about the series -- or even come up with a few of his own.

Please make this happen, Seth.