Star Wars/YouTube

San Diego Comic-Con has already brought us a big surprise announcement: "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" is coming back.

The reveal came Thursday during the 10th Anniversary "Clone Wars" Panel, as reports. Dave Filoni, the show's supervising director and writer, was on hand to unveil the official trailer, and he also shared that there are 12 episodes on the way. Thanks to him and the preview, we know we're finally getting an end to an unfinished war.

The trailer brilliantly makes light of the fact that "it's been a while." As you may recall, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" originally debuted in 2008, but was then canceled in 2013. That was a big shock to fans, and they made it known. Filoni told they were "relentless," which apparently helped bring the show back.

The upcoming episodes will arrive on Disney's new direct-to-consumer streaming service when it launches -- likely sometime next year -- so good work to everyone who spoke up.