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Break out your handy dandy movie release calendar and start penciling in some new dates.

Sony moved a bunch of stuff around last night, beyond inching "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" away from Sharon Tate's murder anniversary.

We also have an official premiere date for "Zombieland 2," which is bringing back the original "Zombieland" cast. It was already announced for October 2019, and now we have a specific date -- October 11. A perfect Halloween month treat.

Greta Gerwig's star-studded "Little Women" got a Christmas 2019 release date, otherwise known as GIVE US ALL THE OSCARS.

Vin Diesel's "Bloodshot" comic book movie got a February 2020 release date. Time was, February was a dead zone, but after "Deadpool" and "Black Panther," February is the new July.


Vin Diesel on Instagram

Here's the new list from Deadline, with some films moving from previously announced dates, and others getting brand new first dates that may be changed later because studios love to mess with us:

• "Slender Man": August 10, 2018 (from 8/24)

• "Searching": August 24, 2018 (limited, from 8/3; expands 8/31)

• "White Boy Rick": September 14, 2018 (wide instead of limited)

• "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood": July 26, 2019 (from 8/9/19)

• "Zombieland 2": October 11, 2019

• "Little Women": December 25, 2019

• "Bloodshot": February 21, 2020

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