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It's been ten years since Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly starred in "Step Brothers" and reminded us that they're one of the great comedic duos of our time. And somehow, we doubt Brennan and Dale have grown more mature over the last decade. Celebrate this milestone by enjoying some fun trivia you might not know about this modern comedy classic.

1. A car light advertising Hugalo's Pizza can be seen in Brennan and Dale's bedroom.  Hugalo's is the company Ferrell's character Ricky Bobby worked for in 2006's "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" after losing his job as a race car driver.

2. Director Adam McKay first conceived the film while editing "Talladega Nights," after overhearing someone in the editing room mentioning "bunk beds."

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3. While the part of Derek ultimately went to Adam Scott, both Jon Hamm and Thomas Lennon were considered for the role.

4. The Sword that Brennan shows to Dale is a replica of the one used by Adrian Paul in 1992's "Highlander: The Series."

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5. Both Ferrell and Reilly actually performed their respective parts during the big musical number. Reilly had previously learned to play the drums while working on 1995's "Georgia."

6.Mary Steenburgen plays Ferrell's mother in the film, despite only being 14 years older than Ferrell in real life. She previously played stepmother to Ferrell's character in 2003's "Elf."

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7. Actor Richard Jenkins only realized late into production that he had once worked for Reilly's father in Chicago and, in fact, had met Reilly before when Reilly was four years old.

8. The rough cut of the film clocked in at a whopping five hours, but McKay managed to trim the final version down to just 98 minutes.

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9. The high school where Brennan and Dale perform at the talent show is named after the actual school McKay attended, Great Valley High in Pennsylvania.

10. Director Adam McKay shared his plans for a potential "Step Brothers" sequel in 2011 in an interview with Screen Junkies, revealing that one of the brothers will have gotten married and had children. However, both McKay and Ferrell have downplayed the possibility of a sequel in recent years.