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Damn, Matthew McConaughey makes way more random noises in movies than we realized.

That breakthrough comes via a 10 minute, 30 second video from YouTuber Owenergy. Called "Matthew McConaughey Making Noises (Supercut)" it's billed as "the complete compilation" of the Oscar winner making strange sounds on screen.

Check it out:

That's only the noise compilation to date; we'll have to keep an eye on McConaughey's upcoming movie "Serenity" with Anne Hathaway for any more crazy sounds. McConaughey NoiseWatch -- it's on!

If you're wondering what kind of person has the time to make a video like this, it's the kind of person who has tons of videos on Owen Wilson, including ones called "Fight Club But Every Punch Is Owen Wilson Saying Wow" and "John Wick But Every Gunshut Is Owen Wilson Saying Wow."

There's also "Steve Carell Making Noises," and "Jeff Goldblum Making Noises," among others. Matthew McConaughey had the most noises, it seems, since the other videos are much shorter.

Warning: These videos can get addictive once you dive down the rabbit hole.

[Via: CinemaBlend]

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