Production is finally underway on the long-in-development live-action remake of animated Disney favorite "Mulan," and the film is marking the occasion with a gorgeous new set photo and the addition of two more actors to the cast.

First up is the photo, shared by director Niki Caro on Instagram. The absolutely dreamy snap features our titular heroine (played by Liu Yifei) standing in profile near a flowering tree, her image reflected underneath her in a large pool.

Caro captioned the photo "Reflections," and that plus the similar staging suggests that this scene is her take on the "Reflection" song sequence from the 1998 original film. Here's a clip to refresh your memory:

The song reference has us wondering if Caro is perhaps trying to make amends for her earlier comments about the film's lack of music; she's since changed her tune slightly, though the exact role that songs will play in the flick is currently unclear. What's also unclear here is why Mulan is pictured against a green screen. Perhaps there are some additional special effects in the works to enhance this already beautiful-looking moment.

While fans sort through their complicated feelings about all of the film's reported changes, they can also digest a bit of news: Deadline reports that "Mulan" has added two actors to the cast. Jimmy Wong will be playing Ling, and Doua Moua will be playing Po; both men serve as soldiers with Mulan in the Chinese army.

We were already excited about this adaptation, and the photos that have been trickling out from the production so far give us hope that this new version will be pretty great. Fingers crossed our premonitions are correct.

"Mulan" is due in theaters on March 27, 2020.

[via: Niki Caro/Instagram, Deadline]