Jack Ryan trailer still

Amazon Studios via YouTube

Late author Tom Clancy's fictional CIA agent character Jack Ryan is headed to the small screen, and it'll be an action-packed adventure that raises complicated questios.

The titular character, played by "A Quiet Place" star John Krasinski, was made popular by the book series of the same name that Clancy published between 1984 and 2002. With the Amazon TV adaptation coming out in 2018, Krasinski told the Wall Street Journal that his version of the character "feels like a throwback character from the 1950s who just happens to be living in today's world."

Krasinski expanded on that description and hinted that Ryan is going to find himself in positions where his principles are challenged.

"There is a deep sense of right and wrong in him, and he’s thrust into this world where there are going to be moral gray areas," the actor said.

The internal conflict for Ryan will presumably stem from his work as a CIA agent. Season 1 follows him as he goes from working behind a desk to being thrown into the field. Based on all the high-stress scenarios we saw packed into the two-minute preview, released in June, it's a big adjustment and we could see how he could end up facing moral quandries.

Watch the trailer below.

Amazon has already renewed "Jack Ryan" for a second season, even though it has yet to premiere. Season 1 starts streaming Aug. 31 on Amazon Prime.

[via: WSJ]