Taraji P. Henson in What Men Want

Paramount Pictures

What Paramount Pictures wants is for Taraji P. Henson's upcoming rom-com to be released around a particular holiday.

"What Men Want" was originally slated to open in January, but the film is now scheduled for a Feb. 8 debut, according to Deadline. The studio reportedly opted for the weekend before Valentine's Day in a strategic move. Rom-coms are a great option around Valentine's Day, after all, so it could be poised for bigger box office success.

Based on director Nancy Meyers's 2000 romantic comedy "What Women Want" starring Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson, the upcoming movie switches things up. Instead of centering on a male protagonist who gains the ability to hear women's thoughts, "What Men Want" follows Ali Davis (Henson), a sports agent. She is fighting to get ahead in a male-dominated field, when suddenly she gains an unexpected edge on her competition and a new romantic interest (Aldis Hodge).

The protagonist's journey sounds like it will be empowering for women, so the Adam Shankman-directed rom-com may attract friends who are out celebrating "Galentine's Day," too. There's a lot to celebrate in February, and "What Men Want" is looking to be part of the festivities.

"What Men Want" hits theaters Feb. 8.

[via: Deadline]