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Show Kirk the money?

You saw the headlines last month that Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth walked away from talks for "Star Trek 4." Pine was set to return as Captain James T. Kirk, with Hemsworth reprising his brief role from the 2009 "Star Trek" film as Jim's late father George Kirk. The time travel movie would've had father and son meeting for the first time.

Both actors reportedly want a certain amount of money, and the studio reportedly doesn't want to pay that money.

Variety caught up to Chris Pine at the Toronto Film Festival and snuck in a question about "Star Trek 4": Is he interested in being in the movie?

"I don't know. I mean, I'd love to be involved, and we'll see what happens. I'll await the phone call. Until then, I look forward to it."

So it's really up to the agents at this point.

Karl Urban, who plays Bones, recently talked about the salary dispute at Trekonderogo (via He noted that the previous film -- "Star Trek Beyond" -- made about $343 million worldwide:

"But still, for a movie that cost what it cost to make, the profit margins aren’t that great. And so particularly Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine subsequently have done big movies, and their quotes have gone up. And so I am pretty confident though that Paramount and those guys, they will figure it out. Because I know Chris. We were all in touch recently and everybody wants to do it and make it happen. So, if Paramount is willing there will be a way to make it happen. So, fingers crossed."

Chris Hemsworth rocketed to Marvel/Thor fame in the interim from "Star Trek" to "Star Trek 4." He's made gobs of money, and ranked fourth on the list of highest-paid actors in the past year. Hemsworth's quote is probably astronomical. In that time, Chris Pine obviously made three "Star Trek" films as Captain Kirk, and co-starred in "Wonder Woman," among other films.

It's hard to imagine this franchise moving forward with a fourth film without Pine. But to get father and son together -- and a Hollywood Chris team-up -- obviously any studio would salivate at the idea. But they also have a bottom-line to consider.

So now we wait to see if Chris Pine really does get that phone call.

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