Captain Marvel

Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios 2019

UPDATE 2: Yep, the first trailer was posted September 18. Here it is, complete with a thriving Blockbuster Video.

UPDATE 1: An ABC press release has confirmed Brie Larson will appear on "Good Morning America" Tuesday, Sept. 18. She's probably not just there to say hi.

Original post:

It's always a red-letter-day when a new Marvel trailer drops. So tentatively pencil next Tuesday, September 18 on your Marvel calendar for the first footage from "Captain Marvel."

Entertainment Weekly just put Brie Larson's movie on the cover, releasing a bunch of first-look photos. A trailer usually follows, and fans have been waiting (impatiently).

Now a rumor is floating through the web about the first trailer coming next Tuesday morning. Here's the scoop from MCU Cosmic:
"According to information I was sent this morning, the Captain Marvel teaser trailer will debut in the final segment of Good Morning America on Tuesday, September 18th. It does not look as if Brie Larson will appear in-person on the show, but will instead appear via satellite from another location.

If the Tuesday debut sticks, there will likely be some kind of tease before so it won’t be a surprise drop on the show."

That timeline would fit with MCU Cosmic's previous speculation that we'd get the first look at "Captain Marvel" in September, and maybe maybe maybe if we're all very good we'd get the first look at "Avengers 4" in November. That's still speculation, but Marvel has a well-oiled marketing machine, so educated guesses on their promo plans are fair game.

Plus, don't forget that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige said they'd reveal the "Avengers 4" title later this year, probably after the first "Captain Marvel" promotion. It's possible we'll get the first "Avengers 4" footage and the full title at the same time.

Either way, get ready for Marvel to confirm the "Captain Marvel" drop either for this Tuesday, or another day if they move it.

"Captain Marvel" is scheduled for release in theaters March 8th, 2019.

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