Jamie Lee Curtis, the original Scream Queen, is back. And so is The Shape that's haunted her for 40 years -- Michael Myers.

Director David Gordon Green's "Halloween" picks up where John Carpenter's 1978 original left off, with Curtis' Laurie Strode now a grandmother suffering from the type of emotional trauma one would expect after having survived Michael's killing spree.

But this older, extreme-survivalist version of Laurie is not a victim, and she's much more than just a survivor, too, especially in how she turns the tables on Michael in the film's nail-biter climax. This very timely and emotionally-charged take on the Strode character was not lost on either the star who plays her or on the film's crew.

Moviefone recently sat down with Curtis, director Green, and producer Jason Blum (the head of Hollywood's Horror Industrial Complex, Blumhouse) for an all-timer of an Unscripted, where Curtis revealed her favorite behind-the-scenes moment as she brought her iconic character back to the big screen.  Watch it below:

"Halloween" slashes into theaters Oct. 19.