"Shadowhunters" just tied for the most People's Choice Awards nominations after being canceled by Freeform. And #SaveShadowhunters is still an active hashtag trying to find the show a new home.

Clearly the fandom is still strong.

But it looks like star Katherine McNamara (Clary) has moved on with a new job -- on The CW's "Arrow."

According to TVLine, McNamara will join "Arrow" during the first half of Season 7 in the "pivotal" recurring role of Maya. Maya is described as "a scrappy street fighter and thief from Star City." She was also compared to "Buffy the Superhero Slayer." It's not clear if she'd be part of the 2018 Arrowverse crossover coming in December, but it's certainly possible.

So that's Katherine McNamara's first post-"Shadowhunters" gig -- although "Shadowhunters" hasn't finished airing its final episodes. Freeform is holding onto the final 12 episodes for Spring 2019, including "an epic two-episode special finale."

If this "Arrow" role only lasts for a season, or ends up becoming a smaller role, it's possible she could still return to "Shadowhunters" if it finds life somewhere else. After all, if a fandom is passionate enough to push their show to five PCA nominations -- tied with "Grey's Anatomy" -- and four of those were write-in votes, shouldn't someone want to be that fandom's savior?

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