Saturday Night Live promo, Adam Driver


Adam Driver is returning to "Saturday Night Live" this weekend to launch Season 44.

You remember his instant classic "Undercover Boss" sketch, right? My God that was perfect.

That "Star Wars" spoof is not referenced in Driver's first "SNL" promo. Most of his other sketches are ignored, too, much to Driver's frustration. The only one that gets mentioned is his "Aladdin" bit with Cecily Strong, recycling the same "I can show you the world" clip with over and over and over.

Apparently it's Kate McKinnon's fault. She "sabotaged" Driver's promo out of jealousy. Let the woman sing!

Watch to the very end, 'cause the "Help!" yell might be the best part:

The uber-earnest black-and-white promo is a perfect fit for Driver's deadpan humor. This *should* be a great first episode. Driver shares the limelight with Kanye West as musical guest, plus one new cast member, a bunch of new writers, and whoever shows up for the cold open.

"Saturday Night Live" Season 44 premieres Saturday, Sept. 29 at 11:29 p.m. on NBC.

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