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Robert Pattinson is going to space in the trailer for "High Life" — but if anything, the journey is more of a mind trip.

"High Life" is the first English language film from French director Claire Denis ("Chocolat"). The erotic thriller stars Pattinson as Monte, who lives aboard the spacecraft with his baby daughter. He's part of a crew made up of convicts and death row inmates who are guinea pigs for bizarre experiments conducted by the nefarious Dr. Dibs (Juliette Binoche).

Monte was forced to father his daughter against his will, but now, he's experiencing the birth of an all-powerful love.

The trailer is pretty obtuse, but contains striking imagery. Pattinson has been going for indies since his time in the "Twilight" spotlight and it should be interesting to see the outcome of his working with a provocative filmmaker like Denis.

"High Life" opens in theaters sometime next year.