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Mr. Stark, Underoos doesn't feel so good. He doesn't want to go.

Can't blame him. If we had the chance to travel Europe with the cast of "Spider-Man: Far From Home," we'd want to keep going too.

Tom Holland, Zendaya and company are apparently done filming their second "Spider-Man" movie. According to Holland's IG, his last day was Tuesday, October 16. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movie has been filming since July. Rumor had it, "Far From Home" would wrap in December, but maybe that's for the rest of the crew? Or it could just be outdated intel.

"Far From Home" takes Peter Parker and friends to Europe on summer vacation (along with some scenes back in New York), and fans enjoyed following Holland's international journey. We'll see the results on screen in July.

Tom Holland seemed to start his final day of filming with swagger, then added a tearful emoji at the halfway point:

A few hours later, he shared an Instagram Story video right before his final scene:
"It is here. Final shot of 'Spider-Man: Far From Home.' It has been a blast. It's been amazing. The movie's gonna be awesome. You're all gonna love it. I'm gonna go smash this shot out. And I just can't believe we're finished. Love you all. Thanks for your amazing support."

Later, he shared a final wrap photo:

What an adventure.

We have about nine months to wait for this film baby to be born. In the meantime, check out some of the slightly SPOILERY set photos and videos that have been floating around the Web in the past few days -- including more shots of Spider-Man and Michelle/MJ (Zendaya). They clearly had a great time together:


A lot has changed for Peter Parker since "Spider-Man: Homecoming." If you saw "Avengers: Infinity War," you know it didn't exactly end well for Spider-Man. We're expecting "Avengers 4" to bridge the information gap between "Infinity War" and "Far From Home."

"Spider-Man: Far From Home" will be the third MCU film to hit theaters next year, after "Captain Marvel" in March and "Avengers 4" in May (or late April, we'll see). "Far From Home" opens in theaters July 5th, 2019.

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