An alleged thief in the UK who bears a striking resemblance to "Friends" star David Schwimmer has been arrested, and local authorities are thanking the actor for helping to assist in their search for the lookalike criminal.

A Facebook post (which has since been removed) from the Blackpool Police in Lancashire, England went viral last month, thanks to the pictured suspect's uncanny resemblance to Schwimmer. Followers immediately latched on to the similarity, and thousands of people chimed with with "Friends"-related jokes about the identity of the culprit.

Schwimmer eventually caught wind of the story, and shared his own security camera-style video, insisting he was at home in New York City at the time of the incident.

Despite all the silliness that the original post generated, the "Friends"-adjacent attention ended up helping authorities after all: They revealed this week that they arrested a 36-year-old man in connection with the theft.

"Thank you for the support, especially !" the Lancashire Police tweeted on Tuesday.

The moral of the story? The internet will always be there for you, whether it's cracking jokes about Ross from "Friends" or helping to crack a police case.