"Mission: Impossible - Fallout" doesn't disappoint when it comes to giving fans what they want to see: Tom Cruise running.

The highest-grossing "Mission" yet, writer-director Christopher McQuarrie delivered one of year's best movies, which finds the spy equivalent of Jackie Chan, Ethan Hunt (Cruise), jumping out of planes, falling from helicopters, punching dudes in bathrooms, and, of course, sprinting. Lots of sprinting.

In this exclusive clip from the home video release (you can see this if you download the digital HD copy right now), featuring audio commentary from McQuarrie and Cruise, the two reveal how a key sequence on the streets (and over the rooftops) in Paris came together -- especially when part of the chase features the take where Cruise infamously broke his ankle.

Which, obviously, didn't derail him. Because Cruise. Watch for yourself:

"Fallout" is available now on Digital. It hits Blu-ray and DVD on Dec. 4.