John Krasinski in Jack Ryan

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Emily Blunt has done a lot of great acting, but it hasn't all affected her husband, John Krasinski, as intensely as "Mary Poppins Returns" did.

The actor got to watch the film early with Blunt, and he told Entertainment Weekly that he thinks it is some of her best work. In fact, he admitted he was so moved that his crying interrupted their private screening.

Krasinski recounted the incident, saying that he had to get up just 25 minutes in to hunt for napkins. Blunt didn't realize what was happening and became concerned, but when she asked if she should stop the movie, he explained what was going on: He was crying so much that he'd already "blown through an entire box of tissues."

"I just needed anything to stop crying and to blow my nose," he told EW.

It's a sweet story, which is pretty typical of Krasinski and Blunt. They actually had a similar incident that Krasinski recounted on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in October: When Blunt first read the script her husband had written for "A Quiet Place," Krasinski said he thought she was going to be sick. However, her reaction actually came from her really wanting to play his onscreen wife (which she ultimately did). Cute, right?

"Mary Poppins Returns" opens Dec. 19. Make sure you pack plenty of tissues.

[via: EW]