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Every movie or TV show told from different, conflicting viewpoints after 1950 owes a debt to the Japanese classic "Rashomon."

Now the Oscar-winning Akira Kurosawa film -- in which a woman, her samurai husband and a bandit (Toshiro Mifune) relate their accounts of an incident in the forest -- is becoming an anthology TV series from Amblin Entertainment.

Each season of the 10-episode series would focus on a single event told from multiple points of view.

Amblin TV’s Co-Presidents, Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey, will executive produce. "We couldn’t be more excited to adapt this extraordinary film as the foundation for a new dramatic mystery thriller series," they said told Variety.  "It will explore the boundaries of truth and how different perspectives don’t often reveal the same reality."

"We feel this storytelling approach and the way it explores truth and reality is especially timely in today’s world," said Mark Canton of Atmosphere, who also serve as exec producer.

Among the various "Rashomon" homages (and parodies) that come to mind:

• "The X-Files" episode "Bad Blood," in which Scully and Mulder tell wildly conflicting versions of an incident involving an apparent vampire attack.

• The "Tall Tales" episode of "Supernatural," where Sam and Dean have very different views on mysterious happenings that may or not involve aliens.

• The "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" episode of "The Simpsons." Marge tells Homer he'll enjoy their trip to Japan because he liked "Rashomon." He responds grumpily, "That's not how I remember it."


[Via Variety]