Die Hard trailer still

20th Century Fox/YouTube

And so the great "Die Hard" debate begins again.

Fans have long argued over whether or not the film is a Christmas movie, and 20th Century Fox was recently moved to get in on the action. The studio dropped a recut trailer on Tuesday, Dec. 18 that calls the film "the greatest Christmas story ever told." Yippee ki-yay... Santa Claus?

Although the Bruce Willis-starring action flick does involve a father trying to return home for the holidays to be with his kids and reunite with his estranged wife, not everyone agrees that that's enough to make it an actual Christmas film. Willis himself is in that "no" camp. Yet, the new trailer offers an alternate perspective, and even naysayers will have to admit it doesn't take much to rework the film into a trailer for a bonafide Christmas tale.

Watch below and see for yourself.

If it's convinced you that "Die Hard" is, in fact, a Christmas movie, welcome to the party, pal.