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One of the key players in making "Bohemian Rhapsody" was completely ignored Sunday night when the movie won the Golden Globe for Best Picture - Drama.

Fired director Bryan Singer did not attend the ceremony nor was he mentioned by either executive producer Graham King or Best Actor winner Rami Malek.

But Singer is still credited as the movie's official director, despite leaving the project mid-way through filming. That didn't stop him from joining the celebration on Instagram.

He posted a photo of himself sitting in a director's chair on set, with the caption: "What an honor. Thank you."

Singer was fired from the Freddie Mercury biopic in December 2017, reportedly because he was often absent from the set and clashed with star Malek — though his official statement upon leaving the project claimed he was dealing with a parent's health problems. Singer has also been accused of sexual misconduct several times in the past.

He was replaced by Dexter Fletcher with just weeks of filming left. Directors Guild of America rules state that only one director can be credited on a film (unless it's an established partnership), and Singer was deemed to be that person.

Neither Graham nor Malek mentioned Singer in their acceptance speeches and also avoided talking about the director backstage with reporters.

"The one thing we needed to do was celebrate Freddie Mercury in this film,” Malek said in response to a Singer-related question. “Nothing was going to compromise us and giving him the love and celebration he deserves.”