There's no shortage of video games being turned into movies these days, but news of the latest title set to hit the big screen may just make you want to do a happy dance.

A film based on "Just Dance," the super popular dance game, is currently in the works at Sony Pictures's Screen Gems. According to Deadline, the opportunity for corporate synergy is a big plus for the studio, thanks to the game's dominance on Sony's PlayStation platform (it's available on other consoles, too), and the presence of plenty of music from Sony artists -- including Shakira, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Camila Cabello, The Chainsmokers, Jennifer Lopez, P!nk, and Calvin Harris -- in the game itself.

Of course, "Just Dance" doesn't exactly have a narrative structure, but that hasn't stopped other similarly story-challenged film inspirations from getting off the ground (though not entirely successfully). The game, first introduced back in 2009, is named after a Lady Gaga song, so perhaps Mother Monster can make a cameo to sing her signature tune? Or maybe the flick could take some inspiration from "Wreck-It Ralph," and explore the behind the scenes drama of all those dancing avatars.

One bit of good news for this adaptation is that the creative team includes Will Gluck, the director behind films including "Easy A," "Friends With Benefits," "Annie," and "Peter Rabbit." While Gluck is likely not directing, per Deadline, he is producing, and his eclectic resume should help bring plenty of ideas to the table.

And if all else fails, we'd suggest filmmakers just -- well, you know.

[via: Deadline]