Love Death + Robots trailer still


Netflix has sentient dairy products, werewolf soldiers, wild robots, garbage monsters, and the like for us -- all in one animated series.

The streaming service released the trailer for "Love Death + Robot" on Thursday, and it is a high-octane look at the upcoming anthology. With the series telling 18 different stories over the course of its first season, there was a lot to pack in to the trailer. And pack it, they did. There are so many clips that it's overwhelming -- so much so that it is fitting when a faux error message appears, serving as the "dreaded blue screen of death."

Watch below.

The series is presented by Tim Miller and David Fincher, and the episodes are animated by different teams from around the world. Netflix classifies it under the TV thrillers, TV horror, and TV sci-fi and fantasy genres and describes it as "mind-bending" and "exciting."

"Love Death + Robots" premieres March 15 on Netflix.